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What is corporate responsibility?!

As the owner of two busy agencies, fulfilling my corporate responsibility is important to me. If you’re a business owner too – especially a small one, well… then you’ll probably get it. Success is fickle, and – it makes sense to help others as and when we can. BUT – and there’s a big but (I’m not talking about noughties J-Lo and her derriere) – it’s essential you work with a charity that you have a connection with, and as cheesy as this sounds – a cause that’s close to your heart. Otherwise, you risk CR becoming a true reflection of its name… corporate *marketers everywhere vomit in their mouths*.

As a marketer, I have to admit that corporate responsibility is partly a branding exercise. Not wholly – but the vast majority of businesses use it to sustain good PR. Again, it’s in the name – CR is a responsibility we all have and those who don’t bother will likely be a turn-off to potential customers who actively search for charitable affiliations.

I mean, look at Lush, whose entire brand identity is founded upon animal welfare. Or Innocent – who asks the entire nation to knit tiny bobble hat bottle toppers to support the elderly every winter. No matter how corporate these brands are, the charity work they do trumps the whole reason these brands exist – money-making – and paints them in a favourable light. I’m not saying you should give your ALL to charity like these two examples, but a little can go a long way.

Corporate responsibility & me

This year, I am giving to Extra Mile 2022. Not only has this charitable challenge facilitated the raising of £1.7m – but they’ve done it for the past 20 years, and by riding bicycles through France. As an avid cyclist (and marathon runner, skier, you name an adventure sport, I’m there), I couldn’t resist investing my time, money, and skills into such an apt and good-doing cause. Extreme sports are a big part of who I am and reflect my personality and nature down to a tee – I’m a healthy competitor, a confessed adrenaline junkie, and a challenge seeker – and this is just one reason why Extra Mile Challenge is the `right` corporate responsibility cause for me.

Extra Mile 2022

Though Extra Mile Challenges has been operating for 20 years, it’s been forced into a two-year break. To help reignite the Challenge with a bang, I have charged extremely small fees for their new advertising campaign, with 95% of what they’ve paid me, going back into their campaign.

I’ve found my CR. What’s yours?

To read more about Extra Mile 2022 (Dijon & Beaune), skip over to their website