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When clients come to me for new prospect advertising campaigns, I’m often asked “Which is better: Facebook or LinkedIn?” It’s a fair question. While Facebook used to be #1 for socialising with friends & family and LinkedIn was reserved for business networking, the lines have become blurred over the years. You’ll likely see kitchen and bathroom ads on Facebook now, and one of your connections will post a pregnancy announcement on LinkedIn… and visa versa.

But which platform is more rewarding when used as a prospecting tool? This post is a thought dump of LinkedIn vs Facebook Ads – I hope you find it useful!

Is LinkedIn Ads worth it?

Traditionally, the answer to this question depended on several factors – audience, cost, targeting, and sector – but nowadays, Facebook and LinkedIn are progressively like-for-like – most users will have an account on each platform, and they engage similarly on both. Not only that, but both platforms have similar lead capture and analysis tools, so they both have end-to-end capabilities. When we’re talking about differences, there’s not a lot in it.

LinkedIn ads:

  • LinkedIn advertising is notoriously pricey
  • Because LinkedIn was created for professionals, it’s expected that businesses will run adverts on LinkedIn, making it a good choice for B2B marketers

Facebook ads:

  • Facebook advertising is surprisingly affordable – spoken from experience, cost-per-click is generally 3 x cheaper than on LinkedIn
  • Facebook allows you to talk to your audience on a personal level, and engage them naturally
  • Most users will buy directly from Facebook if it involves a short buyer’s journey; ecom like clothes, makeup, and tanning brands do well here, making it a good choice for B2C marketers
  • Facebook has additional ad types – including Stories and Slideshows but also has the same ad types as LinkedIn – such as static, video, and carousel.

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