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Has your Facebook Ads campaign stopped performing, or didn’t perform to begin with?

Facebook is packed with prospective customers just waiting to snuffle up your offerings. You know this… and you also know that Facebook Ads campaigns are quick, cheap, and the built-in targeting functionalities make it easy for you to deliver your products or services to those customers. That’s exactly why you’ve spent the past week carefully selecting special offers, polishing your creative, and setting up your Facebook Ads campaign.

In theory, your customers should be grabbing at your offers like a child in a sweet shop. Shouldn’t they?
Ahh – but then you realise what you’ve yet to do in order to propel your campaign and make your sales fly. Your Ads are live, and now you need to optimise them to leverage results. Where’s the built-in functionality for that?!

Don’t worry – if your Ads campaign isn’t currently working, it doesn’t mean it has failed. It just means you haven’t fully optimised it yet.

Book a Power Hour with me, I’ll get you back on track

If you’re sitting there panicking because your business is depending on your upcoming campaign, I’m going to stop you right there. There’s still time to put your Facebook Ads campaign to work, you just need a few tips and a feasible approach!

If you’re struggling with aspects like:
• Using Business Manager (it’s confusing, I get it)
• Optimising your Ads when they start to stall
• Widening or narrowing your target audience
• Any aspect of designing, setting up, executing, or tweaking Facebook Ads
… You may benefit from booking a Power Hour with me. It’s essentially 60 minutes of intense, one-on-one training for £60.00, with a small additional fee for extra participants. Book your place now.

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