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If you are an e-commerce business or online store wanting to increase your sales (wait – who isn’t?!) then it’s time to think about testing Facebook ads. With social media algorithms changing at an incredible (sometimes annoying) rate, most e-commerce businesses struggle to see a return through organic social marketing alone. If you’ve dipped a toe in Facebook ads but you need a few extra tips, then this article is for you. Presenting – my top 5 tips on Facebook ads for e-commerce! ?

Caroline x

1. Understand how to track your ROAS

Tracking your Return on Ad Spend – or ROAS – is vital when you’re advertising on Facebook. Let’s be honest – if you’re pumping ££ into your ads, you need to know where your budget is going and if it’s touching your customers and their journey. Oh – and you need a Facebook Pixel to track ROAS. See tip #2

2. Set up your Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixels allow you to create ads that are perfectly matched to your customer. They soak up data, track your customer’s online movements, and help predict the type of content they’d like to see (and will likely click on).

3. Keep on top of IOS updates

Just like algorithms, IOS updates can affect your Facebook marketing. The Apple IOS 14 update, for example – includes a pop-up asking users whether they consent to `tracking related actions` for marketing purposes. Do you know how many of your customers browse your ecommerce store on an iPhone? Might help you evaluate the hit if you do.

4. Track conversions with aggregated events

Facebook has recently released a feature called `Aggregated Event Measurement` that allows you to track up to 8 `events`. This feature helps to optimise and tweak your campaigns and makes your reporting far more organised. For more info, there’s a dedicated page on Facebook.

5. Factor retargeting into your funnel

As you’ll know, marketing warm customers who have an existing interest in your business is easier than smashing pretty ads out to a cold audience. So lastly – don’t forget to include a retargeting strategy in your Facebook ads funnel!

Hungry to learn more about running Facebook ads for ecommerce?

If you own/run an e-commerce or online store, it’s worth considering the value Facebook ads can bring to your business. Facebook marketing for e-commerce is affordable, versatile, and oftentimes it reaps speedy results! Get in touch with me today – I’ll expand on my top 5 tips and help you on your way to increased reach & revenue!