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Facebook announced its company name change to `Meta` during its annual AR/VR conference

Facebook has changed its company name to `Meta`, Greek for `beyond`, as part of a global rebrand. The decision for Facebook to rebirth as Meta was, in co-founder & CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s words, “to better encompass what the company does, as it now broadens its reach beyond social media and into the world of VR.” Facebook will be frequently talked about with the `Metaverse` – an online oasis where users can communicate, work, game, attend events, and much more – using virtual reality headsets and digital portals that are not necessarily computers.


But how will the rebrand affect users? Here is what we know so far.

Key points about Meta, the `new` Facebook

  1. Facebook says no changes will be made to the way its individual platforms work (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram)
  2. Meta’s paid services (like ads) will remain the same as Facebook’s, so users needn’t anticipate changes
  3. Meta is committed to updating its cookie controls, starting with Europe, giving users `greater control over their privacy`
  4. The new logo is a blue infinity symbol and will be rolled out to users slowly from now on
  5. Meta’s `Metaverse` doesn’t yet exist – but it will be the residence of Meta’s future products and services, including VR brand Oculus.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg talk about the Meta brand unveiling here

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