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A quick guide to the 7 things you need to know before using Facebook Ads

I’ve taught the language of Facebook Advertising to talented teams and professionals from all different industries and specialisms. I’ve been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. But what I’ve noticed over the years is how powerful your Ads strategy can be when you dedicate the time and energy to one single team member. One Facebook Ads powerhouse, one paid social genius – rather than diluting the knowledge and divvying it out amongst the team. So much more return.

To celebrate the launch of my 1-2-1 Facebook Ads training, I’m giving you a sneak-peek of my agenda that will help you unlock new customers and more money by using a small budget and little energy. And it all starts with a simple Facebook and Instagram selling journey. Look – I’ll show you how!

Caroline x

7 things you need to know before using Facebook Ads (and I’ll teach you them…)

  1. Understanding and setting up the complex and powerful beast that is Facebook Ads Manager;
  2. How to integrate and use Facebook pixels & tracking;
  3. All about Ads formats and which ones suit your products/services;
  4. What social proofing is and why it’s critical;
  5. The essentials of website traffic & targeting your ideal customer;
  6. How to unlock your unique buyer’s journey;
  7. How to build a lead generation funnel that requires little maintenance but contains to drive leads/customers.

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