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Why should I use Facebook Ads to promote my blogs?

Facebook Advertising is a brilliant way to leverage exposure on all sorts – from webinars and free downloads to limited offers and discounts. If you want your dream customer to see something you’ve created, then Facebook Ads are the way to go. But why would you want to spend money promoting a blog post – a traditionally organic performer – when there’s nothing for the reader to bag at the end of it? And what will you get out of it by using paid Ads to promote your organic blogs? Let’s dig deeper…

  1. You can generate quality traffic to your website

If someone has committed to reading a blog related to your products or services, then chances are – they’ll be interested in what you are selling, too. Of course, blogs don’t look like Ads and they’re one of the softest sells around – so you can get away with adding a cheeky CTA button at the end of your blog and your customer won’t be offended.

  1. You can build authority in your industry

Blogs are an excellent way to prove that you can do what you claim to – you’ve got a good few hundred words to impose your knowledge on others! If a lead comes through via a blog, you know they are invested in you as an individual or your brand. What a deliciously warm, quality lead to have!

  1. You can boost your organic reach

Facebook’s organic reach isn’t what it used to be. This is due to a combination of algorithm changes and an increase of competitors drifting over to Facebook and bringing their activity with them. By using paid Facebook Ads, you can get your blog posts the attention they deserve – which in turn will help to raise your organic stats in tandem with your paid.

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