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New to Facebook Advertising?

Unless you have the time and money to spare, you might want to deny the temptation of toying with your own Facebook Ads campaigns. Though you might get the knack of how to set up your ads, you might end up paying out of the nose if your budget details are incorrectly entered or if your audiences are all wrong. Not only that, Facebook Ads need to be optimised frequently to thrive, and if you’re not programmed to work in that way, you’re missing out on some pretty crucial opportunities.

If you’re not up for the idea of hiring an external agency to manage your Facebook Ads, you might want to learn how to keep it in-house by enrolling on a training course.

Here are just some of the benefits of being taught how to set-up, run, optimise, and report on your Facebook Ads campaigns by an industry expert:

1. You’ll learn how to use the tools correctly and will know which of them to use, should your campaign need to be supercharged or a change of direction

2. You’ll have a better understanding of things that could go wrong with your campaigns – and how to fix them with minimal (or no) damage to your budget and/or reputation

3. You’ll learn how to acquire new customers by setting up ads to target the correct audiences at the right times. You might even learn how to tap into a brand new audience!

4. You’ll master the art of preserving your marketing budget; how far can you spread that butter?

5. You’ll have a new skill under your belt. Even if you don’t work in marketing, you might find yourself wanting to run more Facebook Ads campaigns in the future for other endeavours. It’s cheap, quick, and effective once you know-how!