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Hello! I’m Caroline.

Though I’ve been a marketing manager for 19+ years, my business as a Facebook Ads strategist is a new venture. Getting to know my clients on a personal level is important to me, so I thought I’d reciprocate and tell you a little about me, too!

I’ll kick this off by saying I’m a hard-working mummy of two. It’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, but I kid you not, it’s been the most challenging! And if you’re also a parent, you’ll relate to all the emotions I feel about parenthood – pride, awe, incomparable love, being overwhelmed (because that’s OK, too), and the need for a bottomless cup of coffee and an extra pair of arms (or eight)


I’ve launched Caroline Latus Facebook Ads Strategist because, well – I don’t want to miss my babies growing up. Sometimes they throw tantrums, refuse to sleep, launch their lunch onto the floor, and lots of other delightful things. But they also give the best nap cuddles, make me laugh until my sides hurt, and the innocent curiosity they show for the world around them inspires me.


Working in Facebook Ads management is flexible, so I can carry on working in the industry I love best while spending precious moments with the little humans I love best. Working in a 9-5 office job can strip you of your ‘me’ time, too. Personally, I love going on adventures, snowboarding, and chasing medals. Once the pandemic is over, I am registering for my next sprint triathlon and half marathon. You can’t do those things with a 9-5. A work/life balance is what we all crave, right?

On the flip side, this flexibility means I’m also available to my clients out-of-hours, which a lot of marketing services don’t do.


This leads me onto my next ‘baby’: Burst Creatives Ltd. Burst is my digital agency, and I’ve been the proud owner since 2016. We’re full-service, and we offer branding, website development, events, and PR & social media packages Burst inspired me to branch out into Facebook Ads management. Statistically speaking, Facebook has 2.7billion active users, and the cost of acquiring customers through it is low cost and can benefit businesses with much smaller marketing budgets. Helping small/medium business owners to grow their customer bases and unlock their full potential is something I enjoy, and I’ve learned I can do this through the magic of Facebook Ads.

Looking forward to getting to know you, too.

Caroline x

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