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I joined the October 2020 Cohort of women on Emma Van Heusen’s highly desirable ADcelerator course.

There – I said it! If I’m being frank, it’s not always easy to open up about the training courses I’ve been on and the qualifications I’ve got. As a Facebook Ads strategist, I make money by managing techy campaigns that perhaps other people don’t know how to set up, manage, tweak, or report on. And so, to give away my secrets feels a little risqué. But I’m going with it because I think my insight into Facebook learning will help you to get the most out of your social media advertising.
Here’s a quick review of Emma Van Heusen’s signature Facebook Ads course, and what I really think of it. Enjoy!
*I am not being paid to endorse Emma’s course, this is just my honest review.

What Emma’s course entails

As the name implies, Emma’s training course is all about accelerating the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns. Because any part of the campaign journey can affect performance – from setting the audience parameters to injecting more budget – Emma covers everything you need to know to become an Ads pro. She is a leading global Facebook Ads strategist herself, so you can trust she knows what she’s doing!

This one is quite pricy at £2,500, but let me tell you – it’s worth every penny! Not just for the wealth of information you’re granted access to, but for how supportive Emma is as a trainer. I would have paid that amount for just Emma’s time alone, she’s genius. And to top it off, she’s lovely and approachable, too.

The course itself is made up of 12 modules over 12 weeks, with a 3-week break for the kids’ holiday. It’s structured like this:
Weekly video lessons that you can dip in and out of Weekly Zoom calls with Emma (you can choose morning or evening)
Access to a private Facebook group where the whole cohort bounces ideas off one another; Emma also joins in on conversations had here Support from Emma’s team of coaches.

It’s worth noting that the course is famously difficult – or as Emma puts it, `not for Debby Downers`. It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have when you join, just as long as you work hard and stay positive.

Why I chose Emma’s course

There are hundreds of rated Facebook Ads training courses out there – so what made Emma’s course jump out the screen and grab me by both shoulders?
1. It helped me to level up my skills on Facebook after the initial success of campaigns I was winging
2. I had the opportunity to meet new people with a hardcore passion for Facebook advertising
3. I could learn as much as I wanted when I wanted. The course was flexible and I could choose everything from when to watch the classes to when to join Zoom calls. We also had school holidays off to spend with our kids – so it was a jolly good indicator of how flexible the industry was going to be moving forward!
4. I had a reason to get better at leveraging Facebook Ads campaigns – to help the small to medium business clients I already had! I’m now even more useful for them to have around because I can make their budgets stretch that little bit further

Results I’ve seen since Graduating Emma’s course:

Since taking the course I’ve seen some amazing results and increasing website visitors & conversions for clients, here’s one of my best results to date:

‘Caroline created a lead generation campaign for our thermal cameras. Website visitors increased 80% during the campaign and we built a pipeline of £84k from our case study downloads Caroline also created. Great work!’
Gavin Farley – Director – Avoiceo