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I’ve seen it time and time again.

You reach out to an external marketing agency to assist you with a particularly troublesome campaign in the hope they’ll save you time, make you money, and attempt to iron out any issues you incurred the first time around.

Fast-forward three weeks into a monthly retainer with said agency; it’s 2 pm on a Friday, and the campaign has gone tits-up. You’re thundering through your ad spend budget and there’s 5 clicks but no goal completions… so you phone your trustworthy campaign assistance for back-up. Aaaand nobody answers the phone. You wonder why you bothered to involve an agency in the first place. Relatable?

I think this is a scenario most marketers can relate to, especially if you are working with several external agencies and those agencies have on-boarded far too many clients. Unless an agency has an adequate number of managers or execs to divvy out between a large number of campaigns, you can forget it ever working efficiently, or indeed, to the standard you were sold.

I only take on 4 monthly retainer clients at a time. This enables me to be accessible to every one of you, and it means I’m always alert and present when it comes to managing your campaigns.

It also means:

1. I’m dedicated to each account and the results those campaigns harness.

2. My time is not over-stretched and I spend a good chunk of time on your account and campaigns.

3. I do not make false promises about how much will be delivered – if I say you’ll receive a report at 2 pm on Friday, you’ll see it sitting in your inbox before 2 pm on Friday.

4. I have the time to make you feel valued and special; building that rapport means a lot to me!

5. I can be 100% focused on reporting and optimising Ads Campaigns to ensure my clients get the best ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).


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