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Self-liquidating uses low-cost digital products to entice new customers into investing in your high-end services. Or, as we’ll explain in this article – self-liquidating offers can be used to create a quick order bump (an upsell before basket check-out). At Caroline Latus, I use promote self-liquidating offers via Facebook Ads, but Instagram Ads can yield efficient results too. Self-liquidating is easy – check it out!

What is a self-liquidating offer?

Essentially, a self-liquidating offer (SLO) is an `entry level` purchase that leads customers towards a more substantial purchase (1). Self-liquidating offers won’t make your business rich, but they will pay for the cost of your advertising. Examples of self-liquidating offers include stock image bundles, Instagram Stories templates, and presets (filters).

How do self-liquidating offers work?

I’ll give you a quick example of how a self-liquidating offer works:

  1. Create a Facebook Ad containing your well-targeted, low-cost self-liquidating offer (i.e., if you’re a family photographer you could sell a custom preset/filter for Instagram users). Whatever your offer is, ensure you price at £35 or less if you’re promoting via Facebook.
  2. Link directly to a sales page to purchase, including a second, more substantial offer (your order bump). Order bumps are usually more costly than the self-liquidating offer but still at a reduced price. So, you could offer a family photoshoot at 50%, for example.
  3. Self-liquidating offers are used within a funnel campaign and involve setting up lots of targeting parameters. If you’d like to know the next steps, give me a call here.

What are the benefits of self-liquidating offers?

  • Build email lists;
  • Sell low-end digital products;
  • Create order bumps (when a customer adds an additional item to their basket before completing the transaction);
  • Upsell on `limited time only` offers;
  • Break down the entry barrier to high-cost products or services.